Finding Cures for ALS

Our unique and comprehensive approach leverages industry experience and a nonprofit mission - focused 100% on ALS research.

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Our Research Strategy

We are the world's foremost drug discovery center focused solely on ALS. Pioneering the ‘nonprofit biotech’ model, we have placed the person with ALS at the center of every decision made in our labs. Our interdisciplinary, industry-trained team of scientists collaborate daily in our labs and through academic and pharmaceutical company partnerships across the globe to discover cures for ALS.

Our innovative science and cutting edge approach have resulted in:

Our Pipeline

ALS is a complex disease with many different parts of a person's body and biology playing a role in either its onset or progression. We believe that this requires us to explore a robust pipeline of potential treatments at the same time in our labs. This pipeline provides a glimpse into the current potential treatments we are working on, why we are looking at them and where they are in the process. Click on an item (ex TDI-111) on the graphic to learn more about individual projects.

Oxidative Stress



We take our open-door philosophy and commitment to transparency very seriously. And, we love to show off!


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You are needed in the first ever integrated precision medicine effort to end ALS!

This program seeks to gain critical new insight into the discovery and clinical development of treatments for ALS through the integration of genomic, molecular, and patient reported data.

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Favorable Mentions

In my opinion, the research ALS TDI is doing will bring us closer to a cure than anything else going on.

We have met the people who work at ALS TDI and their passion shines through, their personal connections to this disease drive them. We believe they are one of the most progressive and effective insitutes around, and they will be part of the cure.

I support ALS TDI because of the Institute's single-minded focus on finding a solution for ALS, and doing so as a nonprofit biotech company with top-tier talent. Clear Objective + Solid Strategy + Stellar People = Desired Results.

TDI 208 TDI 209 TDI 168 Unfolded Protein Response TDI 201 TDI 207 TDI 197 TDI 210 TDI 163 TDI 104 TDI 142 SOD1 TDI 200 TDI 186 Neuromuscular Junction TDI 206 TDI 211 Immune Modulation TDI 202 TDI 28 TDI 132 TDI 53 TDI 158