URGENT: The COVID-19 epidemic is severely impacting the progress of ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute. If you are able to give, will you please provide an immediate gift to fund our lab?

Start Your Own Virtual Fundraiser!

Given the current need for social distancing, many fundraisers are going virtual. ALS TDI has resources to help you start your own virtual fundraiser by using ALS TDl's free fundraising platform or starting a Facebook fundraiser. Not ready to start your own fundraiser? Get involved in one of our existing virtual fundraising campaigns listed below.
Ideas to Start a Fundraiser
Ideas to Start a Fundraiser
Whether you want to create a virtual fundraiser or a community event, every dollar raised gets us closer to ending ALS. Some ideas for fundraisers include:
in honor of
In Honor Of
Create a fundraising page to honor someone impacted by ALS.
take a challenge
Special Occasion
Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other milestone by inviting friends and family to donate.
take a challenge
Athletic Event
Organize an event that challenges participants and encourages fundraising and friendly competition.
take a challenge
Ticketed Event
Sell tickets for your fundraising event such as a gala, summer picnic, trivia night or improv show!
How to Start a Fundraiser
How to Start a Fundraiser How to Start a Fundraiser
It's easy to start your own fundraiser or donate to an existing fundraiser using RAISE, ALS TDI's digital fundraising platform. RAISE will walk you through the steps to start a fundraising page and share your event. Visit RAISE and get started by clicking here.